Acer Swift Edge OLED Laptop Detailed Review

Acer Swift Edge OLED Laptop Detailed Review

Acer Swift Edge OLED Laptop that weighs next to nothing


Acer Swift Edge OLED Laptop lightweight makes it easy to forget that you even packed it when you go to work or school. It is just 2.6 lbs (1.2 kg) in weight and only 14 millimeters thick (0.6 inch). The Swift Edge’s uniqueness is its lightweight and 16-inch OLED display. This makes it easy to work from anywhere. It’s smaller than a traditional ultraportable, like the Dell XPS 13 but still packs a punch. It was easy to use on a cramped commuter train and I could quickly slip it into my backpack once I got to my stop. you can buy it on


Acer Swift Edge OLED Laptop Detailed Review

The Swift Edge was designed for hybrid workers. This means that it can be used by people who work from both home and in an office. It offers strong productivity and entertainment performance, good battery life, and plenty of ports to make life easier on the move. It’s a great choice if you want a larger screen with a smaller weight.


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The Swift Edge, made from a magnesium-aluminum combination, is strikingly similar LG’s Gram 16. Although the Acer Swift Edge OLED Laptop is slightly slimmer, it weighs in at a little less. The Swift Edge is heavy, and I love it. Even though we want lighter devices, there comes a time when a laptop becomes too light and is perceived as fragile or cheap.


Acer Swift Edge OLED Laptop Detailed Review

Acer Swift Edge OLED Laptop claims that the alloy used to build the chassis is twice as strong than normal aluminum. The Swift Edge is rigid and strong, with a slight flex in its lid. It’s hard to not associate weight with strength and Swift Edge might seem flimsy, or even plasticky. The Swift Edge is made of metal, and only the display bezels that are thin are plastic. It should withstand daily commutes just fine. you can buy it on


Acer Swift Edge OLED Laptop Display size


Acer Swift Edge OLED Laptop Detailed Review


  • Display size/resolution  – 16 inches 3,840×2,400 OLED display
  • CPU –  2.7GHz AMD Ryzen 7 6800U
  • Memory – 16GB DDR5 RAM 6400MHz RAM
  • Graphics – 512MB AMD Radeon graphics
  • Storage – 1TB PCIe NVMe Gen 4 SSD
  • Networking –  802.11ax, Bluetooth 5.2
  • Ports – USB-C-3.2 Gen 2 (x2) and USB-A-3.2 Gen 1 (x2) respectively, headset jack, HDMI 2.0 out


Acer Swift Edge OLED Laptop Windows 11 Home 22H2 operating system

Model SFA16-41R7SU is the first available configuration in the US, and is well-equipped for school or office use. It is currently available at Costco and direct from Acer Swift Edge OLED Laptop. For PS1,599, the same US configuration is available in the UK. The pricing and availability of the same US configuration are not available in Australia right now, but the UK price converts roughly. you can buy it on


Acer Swift Edge OLED Laptop expects to offer Swift Edge with the AMD Ryzen Pro 6600 U-series processor. For chip-to-cloud protection of your data and identity, the AMD Pro processors include a Microsoft Pluton security chips. Pluton, which is based on the security architecture of the Xbox One gaming console, provides better protection against physical and firmware attacks. It also receives regular firmware updates through Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday.

Acer Swift Edge OLED LaptopPerformance and battery life

The Acer Swift Edge OLED Laptop performed as expected. It was great for home, school and general office use. I also used it to create some content. AMD’s Ryzen U series processors are designed for thin and light devices like the Swift line. For gaming and content creation, look for the high performance H-series. The Ryzen 6800U offers strong competition to Intel’s premium Core i7 P series processors, which you will often find in laptops such as the Swift Edge. AMD’s integrated graphics also performed better than expected. The configuration comes with 16GB RAM. This is sufficient for the model, even though its memory is soldered to and cannot be upgraded. (At the end of the review, you can see how it compares to other systems in its category.

Acer Swift Edge OLED Laptop Detailed Review

The Swift Edge’s battery life was 9 hours 22 minutes when we tested it with streaming video at 50% brightness. OLED screens, which are more powerful than those in the same class, require more power. 4K screens, however, also require more power. A 4K OLED laptop should last at least 9 hours. You may need a longer battery life if you are looking for a model that has a lower resolution LCD like the LG Gram 16 two in one.

It’s amazing to see the 16-inch (16.10) 4K (3.480×2.400 pixel OLED display) It is also VESA TrueBlack HDR500 certified, with a peak brightness setting of 616 nits when HDR is on. Its maximum brightness is 400 nits. This is sufficient for indoor use. The display is vibrant in color and covers the entire DCI-P3 range. This makes it ideal for content creation online and offline.


The rest of Acer Swift Edge OLED Laptop Swift Edge is also excellent. The power button has a fingerprint reader. The loud, clear audio is produced by the speakers located above the keyboard. Acer Swift Edge OLED Laptop installed a 1080p webcam that can capture sharp, detailed video in low lighting conditions. The webcam does not have a shutter, electronic or physical, but the keyboard has a mic mutes. you can buy it on


The Swift Edge is a premium laptop that offers a lot of connectivity options. It has two USB-C ports, which are faster than most. But, I wish that laptop makers would do a better job of separating USB-C ports. At least one should be on each side. It makes it easier to connect adapters and docks. Although it’s not an issue, it can be annoying. This is also true for some of this extra software. It’s easy to remove, but it is nice to see less promotional software when the laptop costs $1,500.


However, the keyboard is the most vulnerable part of the laptop. Some keys, like the Caps Lock and Ctrl, were smaller than normal and caused me to lose my typing for a while until I rediscovered how to use them. This is a strange thing considering how little space Acer has on the keyboard deck. The keys also felt slightly off. It was as if some keys were higher than others. This could be due to an early production sample, or the thinness of my base. Although I was able to adjust to the feeling, it could have been better. The large touchpad was responsive and felt great, with a pleasantly smooth finish. It also has an antimicrobial coating. you can buy it on


The Acer Swift Edge OLED Laptop the perfect solution if you are tired of using a small laptop screen and don’t want to carry around a heavier, bulkier laptop. The Acer Swift Edge is a strong performer for its class, has a decent battery life, provides fast wireless and has a beautiful OLED screen.


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