Apple iPhone 14 Pro | iphone | iphone 13 pro

Apple iPhone 14 Pro | iphone | iphone 13 pro

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Review.

Because of its large screen, the iPhone 14 Pro stands out. It doesn’t appear that Apple has made any significant changes to this phone, but on paper it does not look like that. This is our review of Apple’s new large-screen iPhone.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro | iphone | iphone 13 pro

I wasn’t a big fan of large-screen. In 2020, something changed. I began to stare at the iPhone XS’s 5.8 inch screen late at night while my newborn slept next me. After all the sleepless nights, I realized that I needed a larger screen on my phone. The iPhone 12 Pro Max was my final choice. It is a marked contrast to my previous preference. The 6.7-inch iPhone has been my daily driver since then. I use it for everything, including scrolling Instagram and watching Netflix shows. Apple has kept the larger screen for its Pro series until now. Apple has introduced a larger 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Pro this year.

The iPhone 14 series is an incremental upgrade. Apple has not changed the processor, but it did keep the A15 Bionic, which powered the iPhone 13 series last year. Apple claims that the camera specifications remain at 12MP, but there are some improvements in low-light performance. Is that enough to make the iPhone 14 Pro a worthy choice? Let me answer some of your questions in this review.


A15 Bionic chipset

India’s Apple iPhone 14 Pro Price: Rs. 89,900

Apple iPhone 14 Pro: Why would anyone even consider it?

The iPhone 14 Pro is a large-screen option that’s not as expensive as the iPhone 14 Pro Max at Rs 1.4 lakh. Because it is priced at Rs 89.900, the iPhone 14 Pro is comparatively more affordable than other flagships on the market. The iPhone 14 Pro is the best option if you want an iPhone with a larger display and longer battery life.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro | iphone | iphone 13 pro

Apple iPhone 14 Pro: What has changed in comparison to the iPhone 13’s?

This is not an easy question to answer. The iPhone series upgrades are now incremental. Comparisons to the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 Pro will be inevitable, given the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro. Apple continues with its notch design for the iPhone 14 Pro. The ‘Dynamic Island” is reserved for the Pro. Although the processor is identical to the A15 Bionic, it has a more powerful core for graphics than the older iPhones. This screen resolution is not available at a higher refresh rate.

The iPhone 14 Pro is larger and packs a larger battery. Apple doesn’t usually reveal the battery size. However, reports suggest that it is 4,325 mAh for iPhone 14 Pro website states that the iPhone 14 Pro can play video for 26 hours, while the Pro Max has a time limit of 29 hours. The battery life of my iPhone 14 Pro was impressive. Even with heavy-duty use, this phone will last a day. You can get up to one and a quarter days with moderate usage. My usage included WhatsApp and Instagram, lots of photos, video chats, gaming, and watching shows on various OTT platforms. The iPhone 14 Pro battery life is still the best argument for buying it, even if you are looking at the iPhone 14 or the iPhone 13-which may be cheaper.

Let’s now talk about performance. The iPhone 14 Pro is capable of handling most tasks without any issues. No lag in performance is experienced, regardless of whether you’re playing games like Genshin Impact, or simply browsing Instagram and Facebook. I didn’t experience any heating up. The iPhone is the only device that I don’t have too many tabs open in Safari or Chrome. Usually, I have between 100 and 120 open.

Is it faster than the iPhone 13? It’s not an easy question to answer. GeekBench 5 provides a way to see numbers. During my testing, the iPhone 14 Pro scored 1734 points in single-core and 4704 for multi-core. The iPhone 13 was older and scored 1725 in Single-Core and 4615 in Multicore scores. These tests are not something I usually mention. It is empirically difficult to prove that the iPhone 14 Pro is a leap forward.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro: What’s the deal with the camera? It’s not new, is it?

The iPhone 14 Pro’ camera was not something I could see any difference in when I first started using it. However, I noticed a difference in my photos as I took more pictures, especially low-light shots. The iPhone 14 Pro will take crisp and detailed photos. The colours are sharper and I switched on the “Rich Contrast” option to change the styles. As you can see, the iPhone 14 Pro still produces excellent photos in well-lit situations.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro | iphone | iphone 13 pro

Low light was the most noticeable difference. I took photos of coloured lamps outside my house using an iPhone 14 Pro. The photos were excellent. I also took photos with an iPhone 13 and the colours just didn’t come out despite my best efforts. The iPhone 14 Pro allowed me to zoom in at 2.5X, and Apple did an excellent job of preserving details and colour accuracy.

The iPhone 14 Pro was also able to take pictures of a candle that I lit in my bathroom without any other lighting. Also, the selfies are more detailed. Although the cinematic video quality has improved, I prefer the Pixel 7 and Vivo X80 Pro’s work in this area.

Is this the most impressive camera I have seen on a flagship model? It is not. There are times when the iPhone 14 Pro is not at its best, especially if there is too much zoom in poor light. Keep in mind that the optical zoom can only zoom out to 2x. This is not the most convenient or best device for portraits. If you are wondering if the camera is the same, there are improvements and changes.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro: Should You Buy?

If you’re looking for an iPhone with large screen and a high-end price, but don’t have the money or need a Pro version, this is the iPhone for you. The iPhone 14 Pro is a great choice for its camera and battery. It can even compete with the best in business. For what is basically a larger screen, the price tag is almost Rs 90,000. This upgrade option is available to iPhone 11 and older users.

If you’re an iPhone 13 user, no. The iPhone 13 has been my primary device since I got it. It continues to function just as well. It might be a good idea to wait before upgrading if you own an iPhone 13 or even an iPhone 14 Pro yo can buy it on Amazon 

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