Best Gaming Phone | Poco F4 GT | High performance Phone | Poco

Best Gaming Phone | Poco F4 GT | High performance Phone | Poco


The peak of power The Poco F4 GT steps on the scene and has plenty or swagger in its slogan. It’s not a stretch as the latest processors and super-fast charging create an impression of power however there’s also a fun side to it. You get shoulder triggers to play in-game as well as an audio setup with quad drivers to provide more powerful music.It has already had a parallel existence with China with the Redmi K50 Gaming Phone since earlier this year The Poco F4 GT is hardly surprising in terms of features, but it does bring a unique feature set to the global markets, without explicitly placing the word “gaming Phone in it. The pop-up buttons that are magnetic provide gaming Phone -specific functions and also be used to create shortcuts in general usage. They could be excellent fidget toys too. you can buy it on Amazon and Flipkart

Its Snapdragon 8 Gen1 is a great gaming phone however, its performance doesn’t make any distinctions – and as the most apex Android chip of this moment, it is a good fit for the narrative of its marketing perfectly. It’s supported by a sophisticated cooling system, and isn’t accompanied by the fans that gaming phone have in it, further strengthening its position as more of a cross-over rather than a rival to those Red Magics and Black Sharks of the world.

The theme of power continues into that charging area. Xiaomi’s most powerful 120W adapter is included in this box. The specs sheet claims a 17-minute total charge. We’ll have to see how that goes.

With all the attention paid to performance, something had to be sacrificed, and the Poco F4 GT’s camera isn’t quite as high quality. It covers the essentials with the 64MP main camera and an 8MP ultrawide that isn’t too impressive, however, it’s not exactly cameraphone-quality.


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Best Gaming Phone | Poco F4 GT | High performance Phone | Poco

Poco F4 GT specs at an overview:

The body measures 162.5×76.7×8.5mm with 210g of glass Front (Gorilla Glass Victus) Back glass and aluminum frame. Pop-up gaming Phone triggers with magnetic magnetics.

Displays: 6.67″ OLED with 1B color 120Hz HDR10+, resolution of 1080×2400 pixels 20:9 aspect ratio, 395ppi.

Chipset: Qualcomm SM8450 Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 (4 nm): Octa-core (1×3.00 GHz Cortex-X2 & 3×2.50 GHz Cortex-A710 & 4×1.80 GHz Cortex-A510); Adreno 730.

Memory:128GB 8GB RAM 128GB 12GB RAM 128GB 8GB RAM, 256GB 12GB RAM; UFS 3.1. Software/OS: Android 12. MIUI 13.

Rear camera: Wide (main): 64 MP, f/1.9, 26mm, 1/1.7″, 0.8um, PDAF; Ultra wide angle: 8 MP, f/2.2, 120@; Macro: 2 MP, f/2.4. Front camera 20 MP front camera. Video capture The rear camera can record 4K@30/60fps 1080p@30/60/120fps 720p@960fp front camera 1080p@30/60fps 120fps at 720p HDR.

Batteries: 4,700mAh. fast charging 120W Power Delivery 3.0 3, Fast Charge 3.0. Misc The Fingerprint Reader (side-mounted); NFC; Infrared port Virtual proximity sensor.

Poco F4 GT unboxing

 Poco F4 GT F4 GT ships in a two-piece box made of cardboard that’s typical Poco F4 GT combination of black and yellow. Black isn’t an actual color but it’s got an additional touch of delicate carbon fiber design. There’s not a hint of “gaming Phone within the title, you can find still a glimpse of the aesthetic. Click here to Buy on Flipkart and Amazon 

Best Gaming Phone | Poco F4 GT | High performance Phone | Poco

A little extra effort has been put into the accessories and accessories, too. The cable used for the 120W HyperCharge adapter sports a fancy L-shaped plug that is encased in aluminum. It looks pretty good in its own right but also useful. The reasoning behind the design is to get the cable away from the way when being required to power your smartphone during prolonged gaming Phone sessions. It’s also a nice design that would have been ideal on Xiaomi flagships, like the 12 . and 12 Pro. And, it’s an 1.5m lengthy cable within the world of 1m being the standard.

It comes with an USB-C-to-3.5mm dongle included in the box also – something that we haven’t seen for a long time. It’s more often included, and this transparent case not as elegant like the cables, however some protection from this box will be better than no protection even.

Quality of design, construction Handling

Poco may have decided to opt to leave the Gaming Phone name to go with this model, the Poco F4 GT, as they did with the F3 GT, but they’ve retained the look and feel of the alternate ego down to a few… unclear aspects that we’ll look at in a moment. The core is sturdy with no issues the sculpted aluminum frame connects two glass sheets.

The front of the screen is Gorilla Glass Victus, so it’s about the same quality as Corning creates. Also, it’s flat, as Poco insists on highlighting as if curving screens aren’t a good thing. There might be merit in that opinion especially when viewed from the Poco F4 GT’s perspective from a design perspective – they could be more attractive than practical. buy Amazon and Flipkart

Best Gaming Phone | Poco F4 GT | High performance Phone | Poco

Curved screens are also not able to leave enough space on the frame for buttons as well, as the Poco F4 GT is quite big in terms of buttons. If not in use both triggers for the shoulder remain in line with the frame and only activated with the help of latches that are specifically designed for each. Making them pop out is among the most enjoyable experiences you can enjoy with mechanical phone controls. It’s something you can try just for fun without any gaming Phone required.

The latches feature red dots that provide an indicator of the time that shoulders buttons have been in use however, it’s more of an aesthetic feature than an actual function as the buttons are able to fade into frame after they’re released.

With the latches that hold the shoulder buttons and buttons , it’s clear that the right-hand portion of your phone quite busy with buttons, but there’s a third one in the same place which is the power button/fingerprint reader combination. It’s located just a little higher than the midpoint of the phone, the button is an ideal position for use using either the right thumb or right index finger. It’s quick and free to unlock using either finger.

It’s just that its location is a too convenient, to the point that it’s quite common to end up touching it simply by touching the phone without any goal of unlocking it. Eventually, you’re confronted with a sound which indicates an unsuccessful unlock attemptdue to the fact that you didn’t actually touch it with any of the prints that were enrolled. There’s a setting to fix this issue , which requires a click to activate the fingerprint recognition feature to be activated it, and we’d suggest this.

Since we’ve talked about vibration, it’s important to point to the fact that Poco F4 GT has an amazing vibration motor. It’s a large X-axis motor and offers nicely well-balanced vibrations.

If you go back to the buttons, there’s a volume rocker to the left side of the phone, which is also located right above the midpoint. It’s notched a bit across the middle of what is a standard styling element across the entire phone’s design.

Near the volume rocker, there’s an audio pinhole. It’s an unusual location but one that is logical within the context of the Poco. The reason for this is that you’ll hold the phone in two hands in landscape, and likely blocking the two other mics, whereas this area is unobstructed.

On the other side of the phone can be found the SIM slot, which is located towards the top. Dual nano SIM tray is able to fit inside the slot, but there’s not an option for expansion of storage. The gasket is red and covers the tray, which means that steps have been taken to ensure that water and dust are kept from the Poco F4 GT it, however there’s not a official IP rating.

There are speakers on both on the top and bottom, and the dual slots are also based on the same style and design that is used throughout. There are microphones on both sides of the phone and the top of the phone has the IR blaster, and at the bottom is an USB-C connector. The headphone jack isn’t there however the dongle that comes with it is the closest thing.

We move to the rear, to find we find that the F4 GT packs plenty of individuality. The mostly transparent glass panel is split by a shiny strip that runs through the middle. The two arrows that point inward are finished in a slightly different way. We’re getting a ‘sliding doors in spaceship’ vibe.

The camera’s island also has metal arrows cutting edges of glass, with”Freezing’ and “Speediest and Fastest’ inscribed on them. They make us stop. We’ll refrain from thinking too much about the meaning behind these words however, we’ll note that perhaps the world-wide Poco smartphone could’ve been branded with different words, or even none at all. However, that’s not the case in the case of the redmi K40 gaming Phone poco F4 GT, which suggests that it’s not a good idea to change from one brand to the next. is not an option.

In addition, along with the arrows appear small RGB strip of LED which be lit in different shades to display notifications, phone calls or the status of charging/battery. Nice.

Outside of the camera’s island, there’s a dual LED flash. It’s cutout is shaped like lightning, which is a great addition.

Its Poco F4 GT measures 162.5mm in size 76.7mm and 8.5mm and weighs around 210g. It’s certainly a large phone and quite heavy too but only when you consider it as a Gaming phone. Here, the dimensions are what you would describe as standard, but its the weight is on the lower portion of the spectrum. Click here to Buy on Amazon and  Flipkart

Very capable 6.67-inch OLED


Best Gaming Phone | Poco F4 GT | High performance Phone | Poco

Its Poco F4 GT has a extremely well-specced display for the price, but it falls short of providing a more precise adjustable speed of refresh as well as QHD resolution. This 6.67-inch OLED has a 1080x2400px resolution in a 1920:9 aspect (395ppi pixels per inch) It refreshes 120Hz, with the ability to sample with a rate of all the way to 480Hz. It also is compatible with HDR10+. What else could you ask for at this price?

It’s pretty good in terms of brightness , too. We measured 761nits during our tests when the phone has auto brightness turned on and is in direct lighting. The value when using it manually was 468nits. Both numbers indicate “high-quality display” and is one notch below the true benchmark’ level.

It could be able to push more the number of nits for HDR applications, but Poco doesn’t make any claims for the possibility, nor do they tests to confirm that. In any event the phone supports HDR and we found YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video all sending HDR streams at 1080p in the cases that of Netflix as well as Prime Video.

Color reproduction is controlled in the usual (overly) rich in features Xiaomi prefers to use on its top-end models. There are three readily available colors that you can choose from (Vivid Original, and Saturated) along with an additional color wheel for tweaking the temperature. This is over three standard presets (Default Warm, Cool, and). There’s also an Advanced settings menu with two additional options (P3 and sRGB) along with RGB sliders, as well as sliders for hue values, saturation contrast and Gamma.

In Vivid, the default setting has the entire color spectrum however, it was slightly off-target for our DCI-P3 test samples, with the grays and whites especially biased towards blue. Selecting the Warm preset did a bit but it wasn’t until after we played on the color wheel, that we saw an average DE2000 of 1.8 and an extremely precise grayscale reproduction.

There was no need to create the sRGB patterns. The original color mode was accurate having an average value of 0.9.

We’ve had similar experiences previously, using the P3 and sRGB modes that are specifically set in Advanced settings provided us with incorrect results with either of the test swatches.

If you’d like your phone to alter its color temperature according to environmental conditions, then there’s an Adaptive Color toggle to do this.

The menu for refresh rates allows you to select the default mode (what could be not right with the Auto) as well as a Custom mode where you can choose between 60Hz and 120Hz. Actually the two modes Default as well as Custom 120Hz do the exact feature and offer 120Hz when you’re on the device, which decreases to 60Hz once you’ve stopped moving the phone for a few minutes. This is the case for most applications. The exceptions are video playback-related apps (whether local or streaming) that are restricted to 60Hz, and so do Google Maps and the camera application. Games that have high frame rates are interpreted to be 120Hz just as they should be.

Poco F4 GT battery life

Best Gaming Phone | Poco F4 GT | High performance Phone | Poco

It’s the Poco F4 GT is powered by a 4,700mAh battery divided into two cells and each comes with an individual charging circuit. The charging circuit is described below, but we’ll mention that the greater complexity of this configuration implies that some capacity is sacrificed to make room for parts to achieve the speed for charging.

Although it’s not offering high-quality performance, and a larger battery would have made a difference in its cause however, the Poco is doing a great job using what it has. We measured 18:36h of long-lasting voice calls as well as 11:41h of WiFi web browsing (at the same 120Hz) and 13:30 hours for video replay (at 60Hz). In addition to the standby time of the F4 GT, F4 GT F4 GT posted an overall Endurance score of 81 hours.

There are a lot of factors which could impact the batteries in differently however, we’d say there’s a general agreement between the results we observed from our Poco here, and on the most recent Xiaomi 12 and 12 Pro flagships with the identical Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset and are running Android 12 and MIUI 13. Although neither of them are particularly excellent, it’s the way Xiaomi is at present.

Charge speed

It might not be the longest-lasting however it’s Poco F4 GT sure is one of the fastest chargers to charge. It comes with Xiaomi’s most powerful charger that’s 120W, which we’ve seen before – along with flagship models as well as higher-end Redmis as well. The press release claims that the full charge will last 17 minutes. Their test method is to turn the phone shut off and the charge starting at the 2% mark. Buy on Flipkart And Amazon 

Best Gaming Phone | Poco F4 GT | High performance Phone | Poco

We also saw similar results when we tested that we conduct using the phone on However, we’ll need to provide some explanation. The lower the total amount, the more restrictions there are on the method of achieving it and, since these are among the fastest results we’ve seen We’ll mention them briefly.

In addition, you’ll must activate the Boost feature in the settings for your batteries (it’s disabled right out from the factory) in order to receive the most efficient charging speed. Without it, you’ll be looking at around 20 minutes. Another thing to note is the difference in the “100%” value in the indicator of the battery and the condition where the phone shows full charge. the actual time was 5 minutes when Boost activated and 8 minutes when the feature is disabled.

If you let your phone end up dying before to charge, that first time it’s off isn’t included in the total amount of time charged in accordance with our method (apparently it is theirs too) which was about 2 minutes in this instance in which it received a couple of percent claimed charge. If you connect it to the charger at 1%, right before the switch turns off, you’ll be able to take the exact 17 minutes of 100%. The beginning percentage numbers will change about every 10 minutes or that’s.

Naturally, the speed of charging is also affected by the temperature up to a certain… level.

This isn’t meant to diminish the speed of charging offered by Poco It’s still one of the top performers on the charts and a fast charging speed can really change your habits to add to your smartphone.

30min charge test (from 0 percent)

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