How to choose sunglasses for your face

How to choose sunglasses for your face

How to choose sunglasses for your face

Do you want to know which glasses work best for your facial shape? The key is to find a look that will make you feel confident and comfortable. We’re here to assist.

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Sometimes, having an overall notion of your face’s shape can be a great starting point when we thought How to choose sunglasses for your face or glasses. Learn to determine whether you have an oval, round or square, diamond, triangular, or heart-shaped face. Get expert advice for the best frames to fit your facial shape.

   How to choose sunglasses for your face


  • Glasses designed for square faces
  • Glasses designed for round faces.
  • Glasses for heart face shapes
  • Glasses for triangle-shaped faces
  • Glasses designed for oval faces


Glasses to create diamond shapes for face designs

If you’re interested in getting specific, we’ve provided the most frequent concerns we receive about glasses that are suitable for narrow, small or long faces. large foreheads, large heads as well as high cheekbones. (yes it’s a very well-known model) glasses for men with baldness.


Make these suggestions your own, then create your own and then read the rest of this article for all you must learn about choosing the right glasses to fit your facial shape.


What’s my face’s shape?

To choose the best one it is first necessary to recognize your facial features, and identify the category that your facial shape falls into:

How to choose sunglasses for your face


Face of square shape Wide forehead and chin, broad jawline with angular angles

Round face: The cheeks, forehead and chin are the same in width and length, with soft cheekbones and a jawline

Heart-shaped face The face is wide with a narrow forehead and prominent cheekbones

Diamond-shaped face: narrow the forehead, chin and jawline. broader cheekbones, and full cheeks

Oval-shaped face: narrow forehead and chin. High and wide cheekbones, a subtly curving jawline

Triangular face shape: Narrow forehead, wide jawline , and the chin

It’s crucial to remember that the shape of your face is entirely yours – virtually no face can be a perfect heart and square, circle and so on.


A majority of faces are actually made up of several different forms: round chins, tall foreheads along with sharp features and jaws with tapered edges This is great because it means that there’s a wide range of styles of glasses which look amazing on any face shape!


How do you figure out the shape of your face

If you’re trying to figure out your facial shape Look for the one which is most similar to your own — it’s most likely that your chin is higher in comparison to your “typical” oval or your forehead is slightly larger over that of the “usual” Triangle.


How to choose sunglasses for your face


Check your jawline’s shape in the mirror. Is it straight or angular?

Take a look at your forehead. Is it narrow or wide?

The time is now to assess your cheekbones to be assessed – are they prominent or soft?

After you’ve gotten these answers, you’ll be able to determine the shape of your beautiful face has.


Picking the right glasses for your face

Once you’ve determined the shape of your face You can then look for frames that will be the perfect fit for your face.


Be aware that these are only guidelines to help you decide the best way to balance and complement your strengths. (Extra emphasis on guide.) Setting your own rules for style is a fun and creative way to display your style and personality.


Try to find rounded, slimmer frames that are larger than your cheekbones while still being proportional to face’s width and length. face.


Round frames: Add a pop of an angular look with a pop of color

Oval frames soften and balance square faces

Frames with colors Attract attention to the eyes


Sunglasses designed for square faces.

If you’re thinking that How to choose sunglasses for your face that fit an oval face, select the curved designs with a wider width. These can smooth sharp angles and balance your cheekbones. If you want to make a fashion statement, give cat-eye glasses give them a go.

Round faces have smooth lines and soft curves with a width of roughly the same between the jawline to the eyebrow. For round faces the cheeks tend to be large and the chin round.


When selecting glasses for round faces, choose frames that have a lot of definition. Pick angular, bold glasses that have clean lines:


Rectangular frames: Bring the appearance of the face with a contrast

Geometric frames and angles Create clear, sharp lines to achieve equilibrium

Frames with a swept-up look like cat-eye or browline: draw your attention to your eyes


Sunglasses designed for face shapes that are round

If you’re in search of glasses for round faces, follow the same tips and be bold by flattering your face with browline, rectangular or squared-off cat-eye sunglasses.


Heart-shaped faces are broadest at the browand narrows down to the chin, with high cheekbones. This shape of face can be either round or long.


When it comes to finding the ideal glasses for heart-shaped faces, try playing with opposites. Look for wide or winged-out frames that are slightly larger than the forehead, and have frames that are rounded to bring balance to features and enhance them:


Aviator frames: Increase the width and contrast

Oval or rectangular frames: Balance the forehead and chin

Round: Soften angular features


Sunglasses designed for heart-shaped faces.

Find frames that fit to your face. Look for frames with an elongated base and subtle wings that are slightly larger over your head. The browline and Aviators are excellent options.


Triangular shapes are widest on the bottom and the narrowest at the top. To enhance your appearance and to add contrast, look for frames that mix opposites (featuring more rounded tops and narrower bottoms) and blend angular and round shapes:


Browline: A defined the brow line provides definition

Aviator The curved bottom helps soften cheekbones

Cat-eyes glasses: Pay your attention to your eyes

Sunglasses with a triangle shape for faces

Make sure you balance your looks by wearing sunglasses that are totally different in design; seek out models that are the widest on top, and the narrowest towards the bottom, such as cat-eye glasses or browline styles.


Oval-shaped faces have an elongated forehead and a small chins. This results in a longer face.


For a face with a curly shape opt for glasses that highlight the natural balance and bring the appearance of angles by highlighting your delicate lines. Find frames that are wider than the broadest area of your face which is usually the area that surrounds your eyes. Choose an angular shape that provides delicate contrast to the face:


Glasses that are rectangular or square Sharper angles are added for clarity

Geometric shapes: Have fun with shapes and contrasts with angularity

The Browline. Wide frames complement the slim silhouette


Glasses designed for faces with oval shapes.

There’s a lot or a lot of amusement with your eyewear choices. Make sure to stand out with an eyewear style that stands out, like a sultry cat-eye or a daring pair of Aviators. If you’d prefer to remain classic opt for classic browline sunglasses.


Diamond-shaped faces are characterized by the narrow chin and forehead with a angular jawline, well-defined cheekbones , and full cheeks.


Choose frames that draw the attention of your eyes, while providing an ethereal contrast to your angular features. The curvy frames with the delicate lines are often suitable for diamond-shaped faces.


Oval glasses To balance out angular features

Cat-eye glasses or browline glasses Try playing with opposites, and draw your eye to the eyebrow line

Round glasses: Add soft contrast to the defined forehead and the chin

Find glasses that are distinctive against your face A striking cat-eye or classic browline can provide both softness and contrast and rectangular glasses are a soft, complimentary alternative.


If you’re seeking advice in relation to a particular face shape or dimensions of the face you have, we’ve compiled some helpful tips.


Glasses for small faces

To create a harmonious style, select glasses that are at least or slightly larger than your face. Look for a wide lens between 50mm and 52mm, as well as a nose bridges that measure 14mm-16mm. Think about glasses in a form that enhances the look without obscuring your features, like rectangular, oval and cat-eye glasses.


How to choose sunglasses for your face


If you’re looking for glasses that fit large faces, select the shape and style that is striking like geometric or square frames, or a taller and oversized style. Two-tone glasses also make the eye stand out and cheekbones.


Glasses to fit a wide face or a big head

If you are looking for glasses that are suitable for the big or wide head, selecting frames that are slightly larger than your face may give you a balanced proportion.


Glasses for men who are bald

Select glasses that express your personal style and personality. fashion. Frames that have sharp lines, like square or geometric, will instantly create contrast, while oval or rectangular frames can provide an ethereal look.


Low-bridge-fit glasses

Made for people with an elongated nose with high cheekbones or a large faces, our Low Bridge Fit glasses provide a comfortable fitting (no sliding or pinching!) designed for specific facial forms.


Tips on choosing glasses that fit your face shape

The exciting part.


After you’ve decided the right glasses choice for your face then you’ll be able select a pair of glasses that fit your face and add an organic balanced look to your face.


We offer frames that fit oval, round and square faces, as well as diamond, triangular and heart-shaped faces. (And it’s the same for sunglasses). If you need assistance narrowing down the choices, check out our face-shape tips to shop.


Make use of to use the Virtual Try On tool: Click ‘try it on’ and then turn on your camera and you’ll see how your favorite styles look. Be aware that a Virtual Try On isn’t an gauge of your the fit of your glasses, so make certain to input your PD and look at the measurements of your glasses to gain a sense of how much you are wearing.


Unsure of the severity of your PD? Learn to determine PD from home.


Take your measurements If you’re looking for the perfect pair making sure you have your measurements correct is essential to find glasses that will make you feel and look great. Find out how to locate the measurements of your glasses.


Choose a color If you’re not certain which colour or style of glasses you should pick take a look at our guide to glasses frame colors for tips on what styles would best complement the colour of your hair and complexion.


If you’re looking for something striking or subtle modern or vintage as well as statement or flexible We have plenty of frames that can fit your gorgeous face. If you have questions or would like to talk more about fashion or style, reach out at the Customer Service team 24/7 by chat via email, phone, or chat.


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