Here is a list of smartwatches priced under Rs. 5000 that are currently available to buy, in India if you’re in the market for a new smartwatch. As per recency of release, the newest model appears at the top of the list. We also mention the key specifications of each model, including such details as the color of the strap, the size of the screen, the operating system compatible with the smartwatch, and who it is intended for (men, women, unisex).  

There is also a link to each smartwatch’s full specifications and a link that lists other smartwatches by the same manufacturer. In case you didn’t find what you were looking for, check out our other smartwatch pages.


  • The Redmi Watch can notify you of incoming calls and messages
  • It is good at step and sleep tracking
  • The 230mAh battery managed to last me about a week with my usage
  • Redmi Watch price in India

In case you’re looking for a fitness wearable, Xiaomi’s products may have already caught your attention. The Mi Band line has helped Xiaomi gain and maintain a strong position in the fitness wearable market. In an effort to diversify in this product category, Xiaomi recently introduced the Redmi Watch, which has an in-built GPS for fitness tracking and a watch-like shape. With a price of Rs. 3999, the Redmi Watch seems affordable, but does it offer the best value for your money? The Redmi Watch was put to the test by me.

Redmi Watch design

The Xiaomi Redmi Watch has a square-shaped dial but it doesn’t really stand out since a lot of wearables at this price point have similar designs. The Redmi Watch has a plastic body with a matte finish and it is curved at the corners while the sides are completely flat. There is only one button on the right while the other side is blank. The Redmi Watch has an LCD display that measures 1.4-inches, with 2.5D glass on top.

The Redmi Watch is water resistant upto 5 ATM of pressure so you can wear it while swimming without any fear of damaging it. Xiaomi has used proprietary connectors for the straps which will limit your strap options. Removing the strap is very easy, you just need to press the release button on the watch body. Putting the straps back on is simple as well and you hear an audible click when the strap is firmly attached.

Smart Watch under 5000

Redmi Watch software

Redmi Watch can be paired with Android or iOS devices and managed using Xiaomi Wear or Xiaomi Wear Lite apps respectively. It pairs very easily and maintains a stable connection as long as the phone is within range. The app requires you to sign in to your Mi account and is similar to what you use for many other Xiaomi wearables, including the Mi Watch Revolve (Review) I own.of other Xiaomi wearables such as the Mi Watch Revolve (Review) which I have reviewed already and the newly launched Mi Watch Revolve Active The app is easy to use and lets you customize some of the settings on the Redmi Watch. You can change watchfaces and select which apps can send notifications to your wrist.

Redmi Watch supports up to five watchfaces, which can be changed by long-pressing the current watchface. Whenever a new watch is released for the Redmi Watch you’ll have to use the Xiaomi Wear app So many are available that you can use a new one every day and still not repeat any for a few months However you don’t get the option to customise these watchfaces.


Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite - Smartwatch - PowerPlanetOnline


Redmi Watch performance and battery life

I used the Redmi Watch for two weeks and I found it to be very comfortable. Given that the Redmi Watch weigths just 35g, you’ll barely notice it when worn. This low weight and its small size also makes it easy to wear this watch to bed. The display quality is just average and I found the auto brightness to be a bit too aggressive. The raise-to-wake gesture works well, and the Redmi Watch is quick to switch its display off to conserve battery life.

I had set up the watch to buzz for incoming WhatsApp notifications, and I could read incoming ones on the watch itself but there is no way to respond to them. The Redmi Watch can notify you of incoming calls along with the caller name. You can’t take calls using the watch, but you can decline or silence them.

Heart rate tracking was fairly accurate and I did not see a huge deviation compared to readings shown by an Apple Watch SE that I was using at the same time. The default interval for heart rate tracking is 30 minutes (to save power), which you might want to change to 5 minutes or so for more useful statistics. Sleep tracking on the Redmi Watch was accurate and it also gave me a breakdown of my sleep quality in the app. If you’ve been looking for a device that can also track SpO2, well, that’s missing on the Redmi Watch, and it could have been a strong selling point had Xiaomi included this.


  • Design and comfort
  • Tracking accuracy
  • Companion app
  • Battery life
  • Good
  • Light and easy to wear
  • Accurate step tracking
  • Useful sleep tracking
  • Water resistant upto 5ATM
  • Bad
  • Inconsistent heart rate tracking during workouts
  • Slow charging
  • Average battery life
  • No SpO2 tracking

Key Speciefication 

  • Strap ColourBlack, Blue, Ivory, Olive
  • Compatible OSAndroid, iOS
  • Strap MaterialSilicone
  • Dial ShapeSquare
  • Ideal ForUnisex



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