Titan smartwatch |Titan talk smartwatch | Titan watch top 5 smatwatches

Titan smartwatch |Titan talk smartwatch | Titan watch

Titan smartwatch Review.

“Titan smartwatch theme music played”: If you’re of a certain age, this tune can be heard on TV or radio. It has a Nostalgic connection. We’ve seen older generations flaunting their Titan smartwatch. They gave us watches to celebrate milestones, festivals, and other events. The brand evolved as we got older and more wiser. While the luxury brand has expanded into jewellery and eyewear, it has remained loyal to what it is most associated with: watches. In this instance, it’s smartwatches. The company’s latest launch is the Titan smartwatch, which comes with Bluetooth calling, Titan smartwatch is competing on many fronts with many brands. There are many brands competing for consumers’ attention, including Boat, Noise and Fire-Boltt. Bluetooth calling can be had on wearables as low as Rs 2000, and you can also get an AMOLED display for a smartwatch at a much lower price than the Rs 9,995 Titan smartwatch. Titan wants to sell a product, but does that amount of brand equity and goodwill with its audience suffice to win customers over? Let’s see what our review says. you can buy it on Amazon and Flipkart


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Titan smartwatch |Titan talk smartwatch | Titan watch



Titan smartwatch has a clean, crisp design that features a circular touchscreen display protected by clear mineral glasses. It is housed in a Black aluminium box and has the same colour silicon band as the AMOLED display with a buckle lock mechanism. Other colours are available, including the Aluminium finish and Blue. The strap has a button and a crown on the right and discreet Titan branding on its left. you can buy it on Amazon and Flipkart


Titan smartwatch |Titan talk smartwatch | Titan watch

Titan smartwatch has a large, bright display that allows you to see 80% of your current situations. It is an AMOLED colour display that allows you to clearly see all notifications.

Titan smartwatch is the leader in this area. It didn’t matter if I was at work or at home, I could see the notifications and decide whether to look up or not to respond. One example is that a notification appears on my phone while I am working on my laptop. All one has to do is move your eyes to see it. What if you are driving on a busy street in the evening? It’s no problem. All it takes to read a message is a quick glance. you can buy it on Amazon and Flipkart



This bright, large display has one problem. It can be difficult to see the wearable if you receive many notifications or calls. Because the display will draw attention, you’ll end up staring at your watch all the time the watch pins for notifications. FEATURES AND


Titan smartwatch has all the regular features of other smartwatches. There are over 100 watch faces to choose from, some of which look just like the analogue watches, One feature is called “Theater Mode”, and we only got to try it once. The brightness can be adjusted to make it more visible under the sun, but no one wants to see bright lights in the middle of a movie, especially if it’s a DC movie with a darker tone. Guess which one. Instead of going to Settings and tapping ‘Brightness,’ then changing the brightness levels, swipe down on your home screen and tap on the “Reel” icon to activate the “Theater Mode”. With just one tap, the Titan smartwatch disables vibration and reduces brightness so you can see notifications, weather and time without disturbing anyone sitting next to you. You can also control music on your connected smartphone or tablet using these handy features. AI Voice is a Siri-like animation that summons my Android phone’s Google Assistant. It works well when the connected device is away from you. You can tap on the animated button to give a command like “Read the news” even if your smartwatch is not on your wrist. Simply say “Hey Google!” It will read the news and do the rest. The AI Voice function is not really necessary. you can buy it on Amazon and Flipkart

Titan smartwatch |Titan talk smartwatch | Titan watch

The camera can be controlled but only limited. To open the camera feature, first select it on your watch. Next, tap the notification on the phone connected to the camera to open it. Select between the front or back camera and click a photo. You can also use the flashlight feature.

Your watch can help you locate your phone. You can also locate your phone by tapping the button. You will find breathing exercises, a calculator, and two games you may not have played before. It is possible to become sedentary and not receive water reminders. You can set the time. This is the time after which the watch will tell you to move and to take a drink.


Although there are only a few sports and exercise options that can be used to improve performance, they include all the most popular sports and exercises. They can be accurate up to +/-5 % at times. If you walk 100 meters, the discrepancy may not exceed 5 steps. We compared the readings to a OnePlus watch and a Samsung Galaxy Watch, and counted the steps. Although the readings were all slightly different, I believe Titan smartwatch is more accurate, When it came to health-related features the details like heart rate and oxygen levels (SpO2) were as exact as the oximeter. The accuracy of the sleep tracking makes it easy to feel guilty if you don’t get the amount you want. The Titan smartwatch World app also allows you to view detailed information about your performance. Although it isn’t as comprehensive as the Garmin app, it provides enough information to help you make changes in your sleep and exercise habits. you can buy it on Amazon and Flipkart

Titan smartwatch isn’t working as expected. There are some issues. First, the lift-to-wake feature. Titan smartwatch requires that you wait for the screen to wake up before it can be used. Sometimes the screen didn’t wake up at all. Another is Bluetooth calling connectivity. It wouldn’t have been surprising if connectivity problems were present on a cheaper smartwatch. But, when you buy a Titan smartwatch, your expectations are high. The main issues were two. The Titan smartwatch will show “connected” in the first scenario. You’ll receive all notifications, but no calls. You will need to reconnect your watch in these cases for calling. Sometimes the watch will disconnect and reconnect, asking you to pair it up for calling. Tap the “tick”, but it doesn’t ring when it rings.

This second scenario was also common. The smartphone, the watch and the Bluetooth stereo all rang whenever we were driving. The car Bluetooth stereo would ring even if we disconnected the call. However, if the call was picked up from the wrist, the speaker of the phone will become the output. Even if the call was disconnected, the car’s speakers would continue to ring until the car is turned off and restarted. This can be annoying, especially when driving, and almost kills Bluetooth calling. you can buy it on Amazon and Flipkart

It worked flawlessly when it worked, which is a bright side. CrystalVoice Technology made the speaker loud enough to allow you to talk in noisy environments. The output was also good enough. It is obvious that it will be difficult to get clear calling in noisy environments.


A person who checked notifications on their smartwatch every 10 minutes, received water reminders every hour, answered at most three calls per day via watch, and even slept with it on for sleep tracking, can get about 5 days worth of battery life.


Titan smartwatch |Titan talk smartwatch | Titan watch


Titan smartwatch is a simple smartwatch that does all the basics of smartwatch work. It doesn’t have too many boxes to check, butTitan smartwatch is straightforward. This smartwatch is designed for people who live a balanced life that includes exercise, travel, longer work hours, and a desire to disconnect from their phones for a while. Amazfit and Fitbit offer other options for fitness enthusiasts. This brand is more appealing to its loyal customers than to those looking for a solid, basic smartwatch. you can buy it on Amazon and Flipkart

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